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Recruitment Incentives & Salary Expectations

The Department of Health and Wellness offers several incentive programs for external candidates who are hired into eligible positions.


  • $81,159.00 – $101,478.00 per year.

Experienced Incentive

  • Incentive of $18,000 for 5,850 working hours return-in-service commitment is available for eligible Midwives with a minimum of five (5) years of full-time experience as a Registered Midwife.

Graduate Incentive

  • Incentive of $8,000 for 3,900 working hours return-in-service commitment is available for eligible midwives who have completed their students, mentorship, and have less than five (5) years of full-time work experience.

Relocation Assistance

  • Up to $17,000 in Relocation Assistance may be available at the discretion of the Hiring Manager. Relocation Assistance is based on driving distance from your current residence.
Midwifery Health System.

Be part of innovation and change on the Island!

Midwifery services have been long-awaited on Prince Edward Island. By choosing to pursue your career here you’ll be part of an engaged and collaborative environment that is working to create meaningful impact for midwives and their patients.

“This is a foundational piece for midwifery care to be operational on the Island. So it’s very exciting to see that in progress. There’s lots of conversations happening around access for midwives at the hospital level as well for midwives to provide full services.” – Melissa Roberts, Registered Midwife, Program Development Lead

In implementing new Midwifery services on PEI, Health PEI is committed to an employee model that still honours the Canadian model of practice. In addition, your liability insurance and overhead such as equipment, supplies and support staff will be covered.

College of Registered Nurses and Midwives

CRNMPEI is the regulatory body for approximately 1800 registered nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives in Prince Edward Island.

Midwifery Services FAQ

Additional information on new clinic space, scheduling, vacations and more.

Life on PEI

PEI is pretty big for a small island! Explore 1,100km of shoreline, vibrant cultural festivals and world-class dining experiences.

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Connect with Health PEI Midwifery Services directly or reach out to our Recruitment Team by filling out the form below. Midwifery Services Health PEI: 902-288-1482.